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Sadara Ventures
100 Al-Kawthar Street, Third Floor

For all inquiries, please email:

Approaching Sadara

Approaching Sadara

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to approach Sadara’s managers early in their business planning process – but after they have achieved a solid understanding of the market opportunity they seek to address.  There are no specific “deadlines” for seeking funding from Sadara.

Entrepreneurs interested in exploring funding from Sadara should submit an Executive Summary by completing the "Submit Your Idea" form on the site's homepage. We expect the Executive Summary that you submit to contain the following:

  • Summary of the opportunity you are addressing – What is the problem you’re attempting to solve?
  • A quantitative assessment of the size of the market (are you addressing international markets or rather a local/regional market?)
  • Summary of your product/solution to the problem, with some indication of maturity/readiness for market. 
  • How is your solution unique? What is your competitive advantage (vs. international or regional competitors, as relevant)?  Does your solution include any proprietary intellectual property? 
  • Who is your customer, and how do you plan to sell the product/service to them? 
  • Summary of your primary business model.  How do you plan to make money?
  • Information about the key people in your team, why their background/experience is relevant, and how they add value to the business.
  • Approximately how much time and how much money do you think it will take to get this Company to profitability?

Once we receive this information, we will respond quickly and let you know whether it makes sense to meet.