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Sadara Ventures
100 Al-Kawthar Street, Third Floor

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Investment Approach

Investment Approach

Sadara is a long-term player. We typically lead investments in companies at early phases of their development, and we expect to work closely with the entrepreneurs and to provide financial support throughout the investee companies' funding cycles.

Our managerial philosophy involves careful selection of investment opportunities, and ongoing value-adding activities in close association with the investee companies, through active directorship. We promote and reward entrepreneurship, and aim for realization of long-term capital gains, primarily by selling portfolio companies to larger corporate buyers.

In certain cases, we expect to take a proactive approach to forming new companies, by defining a focus-area for a company, developing a business model and putting a founding team in place.

We seek to develop close partnerships with a small, carefully selected group of entrepreneurs. We aim to make only 2-3 investments every year, and will roll up our sleeves and work with entrepreneurs to build their ventures. We generally expect our involvement in portfolio companies to last 4-7 years.